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The Challenge – A Prequel

31 May

“I could live on Chobani and pineapple.” – Mike Rey, Friday, May 25, 2012

  Before these fateful words were uttered, Mike enjoyed a blissful week filled with  ‘delicious meat.’ Quesadilla Tuesday, ham, sausage and cheddar omeletes, even showcasing his culinary talents with his preparation of chicken parmesan – which is actually chicken wrapped in pepperoni and covered in cheese (according to Mike).

Mike’s “Chicken Parm”. Photo courtesy of Liz Donnelly.

At GoogaMooga, Mike delighted in the ample supply of pork products at “Hamageddon” – a section of the festival devoted to all things meat. 

Bacon Flight. Mike ate this.

Bacon Land. GoogaMooga Festival.

He had no idea that just days later his life would change forever.


Will He Chicken Out?

30 May

Cast your vote on whether or not Mike can meet/meat the challenge!

Can Mike really do it?

The Challenge.

29 May

It started out like most challenges: a few friends, a few beers, a few hyperboles.

What resulted was nothing short of extraordinary.  MIKE’S MEAT AND CHEESE CHALLENGE.

What is this challenge you may ask?  Well, for FOUR weeks, Mr. Michael J. Rey, avid consumer of the top three levels of the food pyramid, will forego his favorite foods in an effort to win cash money.  No burgers, no cheddar, no bacon, no Cheez-it crackers.


Can Mike subsist without meat?