Meat Tooth

21 Jun

Mike Rey has a new nickname.  After a recent excursion, Mr. Rey discovered that some random JetBlue employees had gotten wind of the challenge. “We know who you are,”  they confided.  “Meat Tooth.”

Yes, MEAT TOOTH.  Why Meat Tooth?  Let me ‘splain.

A long time ago (three weeks), at the Le Moyne College Reunion, Mike expressed concern over not eating meat.  Biting into his second helping of home fries, he went on to grieve the lack of use of his canines.


Pretty Meat Teeth

According to Mike,

“A meat tooth is proof from God (or Darwin) that man was meant to enjoy delicious meats because those two pointy teeth in your mouth allow you to tear through delicious meat. Ergo, no one was meant to be a vegetarian.”

Hence, the legend of Meat Tooth was born.

Chiseling one’s meat tooth is vital to the survival of the species.  While ‘porterhouses’ and ‘beef jerky’ are ideal for keeping the teeth in tip-top shape, Mike has been working diligently to avoid atrophying.

“Mike said his meat teeth will likely become long and fang-like due to lack of use.  He will need to file them down.”  -Jillian Kilian

To avoid such an outcome, Mike is monitoring his pearly whites on a daily basis.

 “I keep them finely tuned. Practice makes perfect. If you don’t use them you lose them. All that jazz.”

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