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Hi-Larry-ous Insults

2 Jul

“Hey, schmuck-face, you can’t just say you’re giving up red meat, there has to be some motivation behind it.”

Happy Birthday, Larry David!


Mike’s Mantra

26 Jun

Dinosaur BBQ, Ponchito’s, Boom Boom Mex Mex, Danzer’s, Blarney Stone, etc.

Lyrical Lessons

14 Jun
A reason not to give up, Mike Rey:
You can lose yourself in pleasure, ’til your body’s going numb, but will it ever be enough?”

Would do anything for love, but won’t do that. That = eat meat.

Love, Meat Loaf

A Moment With Mike

4 Jun
 “It occurred to me that people try to make vegetables into meat shapes such as the veggie burger or fake chicken nugget, yet no one has ever tried to turn meat into the shape of broccoli. Proof that meat is better.” -Mike Rey

Hungry Like the Wolf

Celebrity Inspiration for Mike.

1 Jun
“Things could be worse. You remember that, and you go on with your life.”