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Happy Birthday, Mike Rey!

5 Jul

It’s your lucky day, big guy!  If you see Mike today, wish him a ‘Happy Birthday’ and buy him a sausage or two.

Mike’s Meat Cake

Layer 1: Garlic Pork Sausage
Layer 2: Anaheim Pepper/Cheese Pork Sausage
Dubliner Cheddar and Summer Sausage chunks added to layers
Smoked on pit
Frosted with Brie Mashed Potatoes
Bacon Crumble Topping
Hot Slim Jim Candles


Take Me to the River

2 Jul

The St. Lawrence River that is.  Mike Rey’s “I’m on vacation” meat-out continued as he trekked to the North Country, NY for the second wedding of the season.  And he was not shy about hiding his happiness.

Wetting his appetite with UBU.

 Mike enjoyed an everything bagel with cream cheese before consuming a nice little plate of cheese and crackers.  The wedding buffet was nothing short of glorious: prime rib, chicken cordon blue, tortellini with alfredo sauce.  Nom noms! The morning following the nuptials, Mike hit up an Ogdensburg  landmark, Phillips Diner.  While overwhelmed with the plentiful meat options, he settled on Sausage Biscuits & Gravy (or Shit on a Shingle for you regulars), and the best poutine this side of the Canadian border. 

Life has been very good for Mike Rey this past week.  All rightness has been restored.

Fantastic Feast

27 Jun

Mike Rey had a doctor’s physical yesterday.  Good news, he’s doing better than he was the last time he had a check-up – six years ago when after he graduated college.  Apparently beer benders  did not result in positive outcomes.

Anyhoo, to celebrate this small victory, Mike feasted on chicken fettucine alfredo for lunch and  ventured to the mecca of Syracuse eating, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que for dinner.

Ribs.  Delicious ribs.  And macaroni & cheese, potato salad, corn bread and steak! 

Mike is fully enjoying his road back to carnivorism, delighting in meat on bone.  We’ll keep you posted when his cholesterol test and blood work come back in a few short days!

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Ribs. Must haves.


Mike’s Mantra

26 Jun

Dinosaur BBQ, Ponchito’s, Boom Boom Mex Mex, Danzer’s, Blarney Stone, etc.

Syracuse-Style Meat Out

25 Jun

Mike enjoyed his first real day of freedom with a bacon and sausage filled brunch followed up by one of Syracuse’s finest culinary treats:  a Texas Hot at Heid’s of Liverpool.  It went a little something like this…

Das Funny

20 Jun

Mike went to a concert last night.  He was tempted by a picnic plate of cheese and meats (well done, Amanda).  And by the lyrical flavorings of  Das Racist.

One might say he’s a glutton for punishment.  Sure, you could say that, and smile.

Where’s the Beef? Another Week in Review.

11 Jun

Welp, another week down for Mikey and another 14 successful days without meat or cheese.  WOWZA!  Really, Mike Rey?

The biggest shock of them all: no cheat days have been used.  SAY WHAT? I know, we’ve all been anxiously waiting to hear how Mike fared after his first re-introduction to the amino acids his body has been longing for.  Alas, he remains in good health with no emergency bathroom visits to report.

When asked how he felt, Mike responded,

“Getting quite bored of this but I’m halfway. No quitting now.”   

Mike quite bored with challenge. Wants steak.

Yes, we’re quite bored too.  We didn’t think you’d make it this far.

Anyways, Mike bided his time during the week by noshing on scrambled eggs, egg salad, fried egg sandwiches and maybe some fruit.

Despite planning to use one cheat day this past weekend while in the Hamptons, Mr. Rey rolled over his second day and delighted (lies) in a fake chicken patty with avocado on top.

What Mike ate, on a bun, minus the salad stuff.

Did you try any new foods Mike on your trip last weekend?  Yes.

I tried grilled zucchini this weekend. It tasted like a bad moldy potato. -Mike Rey

And with less than two weeks left in the challenge, Mike is doing pretty darn well considering everyone thought this was a dumb contest to begin with.  Keep it up!